Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lebron James (see Losers in America)

Lebron, hey Baby... C'mon, you have shelved America and put us in our place because even though the Heat lost the title, you are are still an overpaid, whining, bitch millionaire superstar and our lives still suck, because, well, we are not you! 

The problem is YOU and punk ass bitches like you, who waste our brain cells to see you pat yourself on the back as you decide which city in America you will bless with your excellent skills at bouncing and throwing a basketball, even while patting yourself on the back can't accept defeat with grace and humility.

And the biggest shame is that there are many young people who will idolize you, treat you with reverance, throw their money awayto see you... because that's the American way.

So, yes, my life will contine to suck because I don't have the millions that you have but when I look in the mirror it doesn't say bitch on my forehead... BTW, how's that triple threat dynasty and multiple championship thing working out in Miami? Apparently money can't buy everything...

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